Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Months Out......NO IMPROVEMENT

Like others who have been liberated and those who want to get the procedure I promised and prayed that I would be grateful for the procedure and any improvement that may happen as a result.  In the first hours after the procedure I reported an improvement in my sight...and I AM grateful.  Now, two months after the procedure I can report that there have been no additional improvements in my condition.  In fact I am sad to report that I feel I have loss ground in my  fight.  What's this??? you say.   YES in my case, which may not be yours, the CCSVI procedure did NOT make too much difference.  I have been both slow and reluctant to give these results but it's time to recognize and move on.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  I could just as easily been literally jumping for joy...sorry not happening.  I HAD to try.

Now what?  Well, I'm not crying but digging deep for the energy and resolve to get completely back into my program of diet, exercise, LDN and vitamins as apropriate.  To all who have been liberated or who want to be liberated, I SALUTE you and will pray for your desired outcomes.  For me I will continue to play this hand and make my life as happy and productive as I can    BE WELL.

ps...there are many factors that may have affected my outcome...don't give up..I haven't