Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two Months Out......NO IMPROVEMENT

Like others who have been liberated and those who want to get the procedure I promised and prayed that I would be grateful for the procedure and any improvement that may happen as a result.  In the first hours after the procedure I reported an improvement in my sight...and I AM grateful.  Now, two months after the procedure I can report that there have been no additional improvements in my condition.  In fact I am sad to report that I feel I have loss ground in my  fight.  What's this??? you say.   YES in my case, which may not be yours, the CCSVI procedure did NOT make too much difference.  I have been both slow and reluctant to give these results but it's time to recognize and move on.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  I could just as easily been literally jumping for joy...sorry not happening.  I HAD to try.

Now what?  Well, I'm not crying but digging deep for the energy and resolve to get completely back into my program of diet, exercise, LDN and vitamins as apropriate.  To all who have been liberated or who want to be liberated, I SALUTE you and will pray for your desired outcomes.  For me I will continue to play this hand and make my life as happy and productive as I can    BE WELL.

ps...there are many factors that may have affected my outcome...don't give up..I haven't

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recovering Slowly but Surely

Hello Everyone.  I had my procedure almost a month ago now.  I've learned that ANY operation comes with both risk and recovery time.  I have good and just ok news.  Luckily I have NO bad news to share.  Finally, FINALLY, finally, my swollen feet have returned to normal.  We were concerned after the procedure about a possible blood clot.  A ultrasound at Georgetown cleared that question.  I wrapped my feet a couple of times and elevated them above my heart.  My feet and ankles are now normal.

This means that I can now concentrate on the next phase of my recovery.  I have noticed an improvement in my balance.  It was kinda difficult to really pay attention because of my feet.  While I wanted to test my improved balance, I had to stay off my feet because of the swelling.  So I now plan  to do my yoga tape at least three times a week.  I find that just standing on both feet evenly for periods of time helps me with my balance.  I also intend to resume the exercises given to me by my PT.  I have not worked out a schedule yet but I will probably do the exercises twice a day when I don't go to the pool.

I am hoping to be in good shape for a 35 year reunion of my underqraduate sorority chapter.  This event is the last weekend in June.  I'm gonna do whatever it takes to participate as fiully as possible. I really want to be off of the walker...that may be a stretch but I will try my best.

Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26 Four Days Out

Last Friday I received the CCSVI (Liberation) procedure at Georgetown University Hospital. First I give thanks to God...I am very grateful to have received this procedure when it seems so many MSers are clamouring for it. Second, please bear with me while I send thank yous to Dr Laredo who performed the procedure and my Neurologist Dr. Mora on staff at GT. I only recently moved to Gerorgetown and feel it was an excellent decision. I also want to thank Technican S. , Technicans M. and D. Nurses MQ, and the Nurse Practioner and the Technican A. You all did a great job. You're highly professional and I thank you sincerely.

I believe the procedure was successful although they could only do the angioplasty on one side. Right now I'm following post-op instructions healing. My eyesight is my first big improvement. About 10 years ago I awoke during the night to a "smokey" room. There was no fire, but my  fussy vision never cleared up. Today, I would describe my vision as "HD" high definition. I had forgotten how beautiful the world is---I am so grateful