Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26 Four Days Out

Last Friday I received the CCSVI (Liberation) procedure at Georgetown University Hospital. First I give thanks to God...I am very grateful to have received this procedure when it seems so many MSers are clamouring for it. Second, please bear with me while I send thank yous to Dr Laredo who performed the procedure and my Neurologist Dr. Mora on staff at GT. I only recently moved to Gerorgetown and feel it was an excellent decision. I also want to thank Technican S. , Technicans M. and D. Nurses MQ, and the Nurse Practioner and the Technican A. You all did a great job. You're highly professional and I thank you sincerely.

I believe the procedure was successful although they could only do the angioplasty on one side. Right now I'm following post-op instructions healing. My eyesight is my first big improvement. About 10 years ago I awoke during the night to a "smokey" room. There was no fire, but my  fussy vision never cleared up. Today, I would describe my vision as "HD" high definition. I had forgotten how beautiful the world is---I am so grateful