Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26 Four Days Out

Last Friday I received the CCSVI (Liberation) procedure at Georgetown University Hospital. First I give thanks to God...I am very grateful to have received this procedure when it seems so many MSers are clamouring for it. Second, please bear with me while I send thank yous to Dr Laredo who performed the procedure and my Neurologist Dr. Mora on staff at GT. I only recently moved to Gerorgetown and feel it was an excellent decision. I also want to thank Technican S. , Technicans M. and D. Nurses MQ, and the Nurse Practioner and the Technican A. You all did a great job. You're highly professional and I thank you sincerely.

I believe the procedure was successful although they could only do the angioplasty on one side. Right now I'm following post-op instructions healing. My eyesight is my first big improvement. About 10 years ago I awoke during the night to a "smokey" room. There was no fire, but my  fussy vision never cleared up. Today, I would describe my vision as "HD" high definition. I had forgotten how beautiful the world is---I am so grateful


  1. I do not have MS but I have many friends that do so I am so delighted to hear the success stories of people that have had this procedure done. From a lay persons perspective it seems so simple.
    May you continue to improve.

  2. Hello Helen!
    I'm so very happy for you. I get seen at georgetown on May 6th, although I will be seeing Dr. Lee. I have no idea what to expect.

    I also have a facebook page called Maryland USA MS CCSVI Group, I created for people in Maryland and the surrounding states (and DC) It would be great if you could join us there and say hello.

    Please join us! Viewers of this blog are very welcome.!/pages/CCSVI-at-UBC-MS-Clinic-Information-and-Support/182832983940

    I will add your blog to A comprehensive news site for MS and CCSVI.

    Many hugs and congrats,
    Cockeysville, MD

  3. Helen,

    Very exciting news indeed! And....welcome to the MS blogosphere. I know that you're not really new, but it's great to see you start your own blog. :)

  4. I wonder why "God" chose you over all the other MS sufferers who want the procedure? That was nice of him. Maybe when he's finished focusing on you he can direct some attention to the women and children having their limbs hacked off in Nigeria.

  5. Hi Helen!
    Sorry for the griefer in the message above. delete it and pay it no mind. Maybe set your settings to have to approve comments before posted. The people on the Maryland facebook site are deligted (and the also come from other parts of the world too).

    I Have a question . . . why is it they could only do one side?

  6. Helen,
    So happy for you! In Canada we have a show called W5 that had a 3 part series on why the MS Society does not want to procedure used. Their bloated bureaucracy with posh offices and many workers don't want to be considered obsolete. I too, have MS and cannot get a doctor to to even discuss the procedure here. My partner is willing to take me Italy and have the procedure done. I wish that my own Neurologist would be doing it instead. Glad to know that the U.S. is in trials at least, and that you were lucky enough to be chosen. If I can find a doctor in America, perhaps a trip to Italy won't be needed.

  7. Helen, I'm happy for you and for all the MS patients. BusterBrown ask why God choose you. First I understand why God didn't choose her. He knows that you will share with us, giving us hope, and this gift will help all people around the world. Be blessed and thanks.

  8. Helen - Thanks for sharing your story. It gives hope to so many MS patients.

    Cynthia - I hear Italy is quite nice! Maybe it would be worth a visit. :)

    Take Care,

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