Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recovering Slowly but Surely

Hello Everyone.  I had my procedure almost a month ago now.  I've learned that ANY operation comes with both risk and recovery time.  I have good and just ok news.  Luckily I have NO bad news to share.  Finally, FINALLY, finally, my swollen feet have returned to normal.  We were concerned after the procedure about a possible blood clot.  A ultrasound at Georgetown cleared that question.  I wrapped my feet a couple of times and elevated them above my heart.  My feet and ankles are now normal.

This means that I can now concentrate on the next phase of my recovery.  I have noticed an improvement in my balance.  It was kinda difficult to really pay attention because of my feet.  While I wanted to test my improved balance, I had to stay off my feet because of the swelling.  So I now plan  to do my yoga tape at least three times a week.  I find that just standing on both feet evenly for periods of time helps me with my balance.  I also intend to resume the exercises given to me by my PT.  I have not worked out a schedule yet but I will probably do the exercises twice a day when I don't go to the pool.

I am hoping to be in good shape for a 35 year reunion of my underqraduate sorority chapter.  This event is the last weekend in June.  I'm gonna do whatever it takes to participate as fiully as possible. I really want to be off of the walker...that may be a stretch but I will try my best.


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